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Wool Works is the oldest handknitting site on the Web. Online since 1994, and on its own domain since September 20, 1997, it collected nearly a quarter of a million hits on its front page alone in one year. The account came due on September 20, 1998, and although I've always paid all the expenses for Wool Works myself, for several reasons I wasn't in the financial shape to pay the bill this time. Plus, Trends.net, the ISP where Wool Works lives, had given me a great deal on the domain last year, assuming it wouldn't get much traffic, but the site has been using about 1.5GB to 2GB of bandwidth per month (!), four to five times as much as they had alloted to me. So they were forced to move Wool Works to the next account level, which costs almost twice as much as I'd been paying. (I don't blame them at all -- they have been more than generous about the traffic my site has generated and the space it uses, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them enthusiastically.)

Over the years, many kind people have offered to help with the costs of the site, so I went ahead and asked for some assistance. Well, you knitters blew me away. Within less than three weeks, Trends.net (the ISP where Wool Works lives) has received enough money to pay for the domain -- at the new account level -- through the end of this fiscal year and well into the next.

I am so thrilled and moved by everyone's generosity. It means a lot to me to know that people value my site enough to support it this way. I feel very blessed to be part of such a warm and kind community. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your help is very much appreciated, by me and by all the knitters who make Wool Works such a popular site, and especially by the Vex.net and Trends.net systems administrators, who have been very gracious about the demands my "little" domain has made on their network.

Thanks also to D'Arcy J. M. Cain, Development Manager of Trends.net, who has demonstrated remarkable patience and flexibility in helping me get all these finances straightened out.

I am so grateful. My best wishes and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped.

Emily Way (emily@woolworks.org)

Last updated October 9, 1998