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Software for knitters

  • Liz Clouthier posted a list of IBM-based knitting software, along with her impressions of how useful the various programs are.
  • Glenna Stansifer posted her thoughts on the KnitWare shareware program. KnitWare now has its own Web site, too.
  • CrossStitch Designer, while not really intended for knitters, is helpful for charting stitch patterns. It's available in three different versions from HobbyWare, 9686 Spruce Lane, Fishers, IN 46038, +1 (317) 595 0565.
  • Cochenille Designs has its own Web site. Their programs Garment Styler and Stitch Painter have gotten favorable reviews on the big knitting list.
  • KnitCraft is the American and Canadian importer of DesignAKnit, a Windows program for designing sweaters. You can download a free demo version from their Web site. Beacon Hill Knits publishes a newsletter about the full version.
  • Elaine Benfatto, of E&P Ware, has made the program ColorKnit 3.0.7 available on the Internet. This program is only for Macintoshes.
  • Rose's Knits offers several software tools for knitters:
    • Dr. Cutter - Resize and straighten images.
    • KnitPic - Resize and reduce colors, with dithering options.
    • Back and Forth - Convert between common knitting file formats.
    • Mr. Card - Edit and print console cards for Passap machines.
    • Cut2Crd Pro - Convert CUT patterns to Mr. Card, graphical interface.
  • Lois Larson has written a book called Software Directory for Fiber Artists. You can order it from her Web site.
  • Crafted Software, in Australia, offers stitchcraft software for charting intarsia, Fair Isle, cross stitch, hardanger, and more. Here's the address:

    Crafted Software
    P.O Box 78
    Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782
    +61 (47) 57 3136
    fax: +61 (47) 57 3337

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Emily Way,

Last updated April 21, 1998