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Holly Doyne's reviews of various sock yarns

The following text is from a knitlist post from Holly Doyne. Prices are in German currency.

After completing another pair of socks thought that I would post a summary to all of you.
Sock weight 75%wool/25%nylon, 28-30/10cm, 2.5-3mm needles. Comes in lovely colors, both solids and multis - a delight to knit with. The kids' socks have now been through the washer and dryer 20+ times - are holding up well - but am seeing some significant pilling. 210m/50gm. 8.95-10.95DM/100gm
Same content, etc as above. Has become my favorite. Feels a little softer to knit with and doesn't pill as much with handling and washing and drying. Not quite the same range of bright multis - but some great ragg and heathers. 8.95-9.95DM/100gm
4 fadig. Same content as above. A little stiffer a yarn to knit with; not as soft even after multiple washings. No significant pilling. Seems to want to knit more on the smaller needles. 5.25-6.50DM/50 gm; greatest color range available in my area. (Editor's note: Holly lives in Heidelberg, Germany.)
As above. A slightly more plasticy feeling yarn. A store brand in Kaufhof. Moderate range of traditional colors only. My son's pair have stood up to being in and outdoor "where are your shoes, young man" socks. Great buy at 3.95/50DM
Content, gauge, etc., as above. A slightly softer-feeling yarn that knits best on 2.5 needles for kids wear. The girls' favorite combinations of purple and pink. 10+ washes still looks good. 4.95-5.75DM/50gm
Muellers - store brand.
Mid range of colors - again feels a little more plasticky than some of the others, but my demin lace ones (the girly girl socks from that spinnoff issue) are great. At 2.95-4.25DM/50 gm the best buy around.
Not impressed - great bright colors, but the yarn did not feel as substantial, and it split. Did not hold up in the kids' heels without the extra strand and I got complaints about stiffness with it.
Got some great colors. It splits, badly. nice feeling yarn, but the splitting was a real pain. Will give you a follow up in a couple of months about how it wears.
Have also looked at the Socka Cotton. Knitted up, it looked more like sweatsocks. I have some of Junghans cotton to try - but I really like wool socks.

Best all around so far?

Handspun from Ruth Hiebert - fun to knit with - feels great - but I do have to hand wash. (I'm not going to felt these babies and have one of the kids take them because they are too small for Mom.)

Large amount of clapping for Ruth please!

As you can tell - I am having lots of fun doing socks - there are lots of yarns available. And I have a couple baskets of sock yarns "incubating".


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