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Online services for knitters

America Online (AOL)

On AOL, type Go Knitting. says this area has very active knitters, some vendors and store owners, and also weavers, spinners, etc.


To get to the knitting area on CompuServe, type Go Fibercrafts. reports that this area is a very active knitting (hand and machine) forum. They also have online "live meetings" twice a week. A lot of the participants are vendors (own stores) or give seminars around the countries. They are an extremely knowledgeable bunch. Most of the retail knitting and sewing software vendors have a representative there. There are also representatives for most of the popular knitting magazines and organizations.


The Textile Arts Forum on Delphi is called TAF. It has technical and historical facts, inspirational and helpful ideas and exchanges about spinning, quilting, weaving, knitting, crochet, needle arts, beads, and any other art or craft involving fibers, yarns, or fabrics. It now has a Web page, as well. Delphi has topic headings to organize ideas and questions in specific areas (knitting, quilting, machine knitting, machine sewing, needlework and cross-stitch, spinning, beadwork and buttons, etc.), plus a "Chat" topic for off-topic things. The technical topic contains information about Delphi, Dlite, Win-D, Internet and other technical computer messages. We TRY to keep personal chat in the Chat topic so that those seeking "just the facts" can read topics of their choice without finding out all about our pets, kids, etc. Any topics are fair game, however, in the Chat topic. There is also a live conference most Sunday evenings at 6:30-7:00PM (9:30-10 pm EST). (This information is also from

Susan Druding ( is one of the moderators of the Textile Arts Forum, and is an invaluable source of information about it.


GEnie's NeedleARTS has a software library on its RoundTable on page 1505,3.

The Microsoft Network

There is a Knitting & Crochet Folder in Stitch, the needlework forum on The Microsoft Network. MSN knitters are in the process of forming an online knitting guild and have regularly scheduled knitting chats on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 7 pm EST. Handknitters and machine knitters join in the conversation about all phases of knitting, both on the BB and in chat.

Stitch is located in the Arts & Crafts Folder in Interests, Leisure & Hobbies. The Knitting & Crochet Folder is in Needlearts. If you need any assistance, e-mail Debra Weiss (stitch_msn) or Judy Smith (judy_stitch) and they willl be happy to help you. (Information from Judy Smith.)


We have both hand and machine knitting, with leaders in both areas. B. Diane Landon,, is the machine knitting Staff Representative, and Diane Taylor,, is the handknitting Staff Representative. Member Representative Lisa Hightower,, is a nationally published freelance designer, and affiliated with Leisure Arts as a photographic model creator. She maintains the Prodigy Crafts Connection Web page. Jan Metzger,, is the Crafts Board Leader, and is a professional knitter, as well. Marilyn Aguirre is now our Moderator Support.

We sponsor both formal and informal real-time chats. We're also the only online service to sponsor a Craft-related Web page. Prodigy members can also access the Internet Knitlist through email, as well as other Internet services. (Information from Lisa Hightower and Jan Metzger.)

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Last updated April 7, 1998