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will fit American Girl® or other 18" doll

Designed by: Lisa McFetridge
for Idle Hands
P.O. Box 761, Walpole, MA 02081
Designer's Notes:
I have knit for a historical reenactment group in Rhode Island for the last few years. The Liberty Cap was worn (mostly by men!) during the revolutionary war period. It was almost always knit in Navy Blue wool with no decoration, other than the tassel on the end.


You may knit this hat all on DP needles, or on 11" circulars and change to DP's when decreasing if desired.


Cast on 54 sts on 11" Circular.
K1P1 rib across row, place marker and join.
Knit 5 more rounds of K1 P1 rib.
Knit next round, increasing 4 sts evenly over round (58 sts).
Next Round: Purl.
Next Round: Knit.
Continue Knitting all rounds until piece measures 2 inches.

Begin Decrease:

K2 tog, Knit across round to last 2 sts, SSK (DECREASE ROUND).
Knit next 4 rounds. (56 sts)
Change to DP needles when needed to complete decrease.
*Knit a DECREASE ROUND. Knit next 3 rounds.* Repeat between *'s 5 times more. (44) sts. *Knit a DECREASE ROUND. Knit next 2 rounds.* Repeat between *'s 4 times more. (34) sts.
*Knit a DECREASE ROUND. Knit next round.* Repeat between *'s 4 times more (24) sts.
*Knit a DECREASE ROUND* Repeat between *'s 2 times more (18) sts.

K2 tog across next round. Break yarn leaving 6" tail.
Thread tail onto seam needle and thread thru remaining 9 sts and secure.
Work remaining tails into work. Trim ends.

Make tassel:

Make a 2" tassel and sew tassel to end of hat securely.
Work any loose ends into inside of hat.

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