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Fiber-related Internet mailing lists

Mailing lists are different from newsgroups in that you have to register yourself with the computer that owns the mailing list (by subscribing), and all the notes posted to it arrive in your online mailbox. Most if not all mailing lists have the option of a digest mode; if you use this, you'll get a number of posts collected in a single email message, instead of having them arrive one at a time.

When you subscribe to a list, it's a good idea to "lurk," or read other people's messages without posting anything yourself, for a week or so, to find out what's appropriate and what isn't. If a mailing list has a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), read it -- the answer to your question may already be there, meaning that you don't have to bother the whole list with something members may already have seen a dozen times.

This list is based on one compiled by Peg Alexander. Many thanks to her. To add an entry, please email me.

Finally, much more complete than this list is Ron Parker's List of Fiber-Related Lists; if you don't see something interesting here, try Ron's list.


The first and largest of the net's mailing lists about knitting. Founded by Jill McAllister, it's now administered by Ruth Schooley, Barb Burri, and Mary Hunt, all reachable at The knitlist has more than 3900 members.

To subscribe, read the information at the knitlist's Web site.

Some things you should know about the knitting list and knitting in general are available in the knitlist's Frequently Asked Questions lists. Another helpful document is the list of terms frequently used on the list.

Sponsored by XRX, Inc., and Knitter's magazine, Knitter's University (KnitU) is a large list devoted to answering technical knitting questions, pattern questions, and yarn-related questions. It is moderated by David Xenakis, an XRX employee.

The guest answerers-of-knitting-questions have included Meg Swansen, Lily Chin, Joan Schrouder, Sally Melville, Rick Mondragon, Jo Sharp, and Jean Moss. You can subscribe at KnitU Web site.

This list is a lot more off-topic and chatty than the big knitting lists. To subscribe, send email to with subscribe knitting as the message. Rob McKenzie,, is the owner.

For on-topic knitting and spinning discussion. To subscribe, send email to with subscribe techknit or subscribe techknit-digest as the message. The owner is Lois Baker, You can also subscribe directly from Lois's Web page.

For people who are interested in Aran knitting. Whether you are a beginner or have knitted your 100th Aran, if you like Aran knitting, come and join us. Ask questions, offer helpful tips, or just share your current project with us. If you're knitting an Alice Starmore design, chances are good that someone else is, too. To join, go to Owner: Janet Szabo,

Operated by Helen Eisler and Dusti Martin. Information is on Helen's personal website, at The listowners request, but do not require, a donation from members to help with server expenses.

A list for left-handed knitters, for discussion of projects and handedness. Operated by Angel Bernard. You can subscribe at

A mailing list for anyone interested in the art of knitting socks by hand. We share ideas, advice, patterns and sometimes just chat about subjects related to hand knitting socks. This is a small but growing list with 330+ members and an average of 60 posts a day. Digest mode available. The owner is Linda Nelson, To subscribe, visit the list's Web page at

DAK (Design-A-Knit)
Amy Stinson,, owns three listservs for machine knitters. To join, send a note to with the line subscribe [listname] [firstname lastname] in the body of the message.

This list is to provide a friendly environment in which gay, lesbian and bi knitters (and their friends) can discuss all aspects of hand knitting, machine knitting, and related topics. You can subscribe at the list's Web page.

Pauline Price,, runs this list for knitters in the NYC area. To join, send a note to with subscribe nyc_local_knitters [your-email-address-here] as the message.

Julie Prince,, runs this fiber arts list for Oregon and southern Washington. Its main purpose is to announce events, shop openings, classes, etc. To subscribe, send e-mail to Leave the subject blank; put subscribe oregon-knit in the body of the message.

Krystal L'Amore,, runs this group for knitting pen-pals so that knitters can meet other knitters around the world and share tips, hints, yarns, projects, etc. with each other. To subscribe, visit

There are many other knitting lists available. For the ones on Yahoo! Groups, check


A list for anyone who wishes to chat about spinning. To subscribe, visit Owner: Lenore, The list's Web page is at

Only if you're crazy about hand spindles! Teri Pittman,, is the owner. You can subscribe by visiting


For tablet weavers, with an emphasis on the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). To subscribe, visit Owner: Kendall Gregg, aka Ronane Blackwell.

For tablet weavers. For information about subscribing, see The owner is Ron Parker, on behalf of TWIST (Tablet Weavers International Studies and Techniques), formerly called TWINE. Ron can be reached at

Mostly on-topic discussion of weaving. To subscribe, send email to with subscribe weaving or subscribe weaving-digest as the messsage. The list manager is Leslie,


For crocheters. To subscribe, visit

There are many other crochet lists available. For the ones on Yahoo! Groups, check


For discussion of immersion dyeing and surface application of dyes to fabric and fiber. To subscribe, send a note to with a blank "Subject" line and subscribe as the message. Pat Williams,, is the owner.

For discussion of fiber arts and crafts in general. To subscribe, visit The owner is Ron Parker,

For discussions of felting. To subscribe, send email to majordomo@maillist.PEAK.ORG with subscribe feltmakers as the message. You can visit the list's home page for more information. The owner is Patricia Spark,

For discussion of historical needlework techniques. Send email to Majordomo@Ansteorra.ORG with subscribe h-needlework as the message. You can visit the list's home page for more information. The owner is reachable at owner-h-needlework@Ansteorra.ORG.

For discussion of historical costuming. To subscribe, send email to with subscribe h-costume or subscribe h-costume-digest as the message. The owner is Elizabeth Lear,

For lacemakers. Please visit the list's home page for more information.

For discussions of sheep husbandry, health, wool, etc. To subscribe, send e-mail to with subscribe sheep-L as the message. The owner is Torbjorn Wictorin, or

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Last updated November 26, 2006