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Before you send mail to Wool Works, please read this whole page

I do greatly appreciate feedback from users of this site, but would like everyone to please be aware that I am only one knitter, not very different from most people who visit Wool Works. Sorry, but I don't have a huge collection of patterns that I can send out upon request, I almost certainly don't have that one ball of yarn you need to finish your project, I've probably never knit the pattern you're having trouble with, I can't help your yarn company break into the North American market, I don't offer any kind of catalog, and I am not interested in buying 80 tons of unprocessed Uzbekistani sheepswool from a wholesaler in Latvia. (Yes, I do get email like that. Recently someone wanted me to buy doll parts from a factory in Korea. Huh?)

Unfortunately, I don't have time to answer knitting questions. My spare time is increasingly spare. However, I do want people to be happy with their knitting. I recommend several places you can ask general or technical knitting questions and have a good chance of getting a quick answer from friendly, knowledgeable knitters:

Also, here are answers to some questions I see a lot in email:

Notes of appreciation are always welcome. :-)
Could you add this new store listing to your directory, or update this existing store listing, or delete a listing for a store that's closed?
Thanks for the information, but if the page you're updating has a link to a form (look for the words "form for stores in..." at the top of the page in bold type), do not email changes to me. Please use the forms interface. I've gone to quite a bit of trouble to set it up, and here's why:
  • All the information about new or updated stores is consolidated in one place, where it's easy for me to keep track of.
  • A new or updated store can be seen by everyone as soon as it's submitted.
  • The forms interface ensures the new entry is consistent with the rest of the entries in the directory, and reduces the amount of work I have to do to keep the directory current.
So, if you're submitting a store in an area for which I have a form, use the form. You can get to the appropriate one by following the links from the stores page.

Why are there so few pictures to go with the patterns?
Because very few people have sent me any. I hardly have time to maintain this site, let alone knit every project on the patterns page and take pictures of the final products. If you've made one of the projects and would like to see it here, there are two things you can do:
  • Find a scanner, and scan the image in and email it to me.
  • Send me email telling me you have a photograph of the project; I'll see what I can do about getting it scanned in.

Do you have <insert very specific pattern description here>? or Could you help me find this pattern?
If you don't see it on the patterns page, the answer is no, sorry. Visit the patterns page for a couple of ideas about other places to ask.

Could you send me the pattern for one of the projects in the gallery?
No, sorry. They're all under copyright and it would be illegal for me to do so. I've tried to add more specific information about how to find them, though.

When are you adding more patterns?
I add them as people send them to me. I've joined Sarah Bradberry's Free Knitting Pattern Web Ring, so you should be able to find some others.

Can you help me find [this knitting book | this kind of yarn | some other kind of knitting supply]?
Probably not. I'm just a knitter who shops at a few yarn stores now and then; I'm not connected with any knitting supplier, and you're much more likely to get a helpful answer from one of the following sources:

How do I get onto the knitting list?
Look at the computer-based resources for knitters, under "mailing lists." There are specific instructions there.

Could you provide more information about knitting machines (or crochet, or another fiber-related pastime)?
This is a handknitting site. I'm just a handknitter, and don't feel qualified to maintain information about other textile arts, especially since there are other people out there doing just that, far better than I could. I've added a page of links to other fiber-related sites, and an automated system for people to submit new ones.

May I link to your site?
Yes, by all means! Please feel free to link to my site; there's no need to write to me to ask.

I've found a broken link. What should I do?
Please let me know! If I've broken anything, odds are I don't know about it unless you tell me. So please do.

Is there a fee for being listed in the directory?
No. I maintain this site as a labor of love, in my spare time, and don't get any monetary compensation from it.

Emily Way (emily@woolworks.org)

Last updated November 2, 1999