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The following is a list of people who have helped me put this site together. Some have contributed material; others have helped with the site's format. I'd like to thank them very much, because without them, this site would be considerably less complete.

  • Martha Underwood, who put in a tremendous amount of work compiling the original knitting list FAQs on which much of this site is based. Martha: a million thanks.
  • Dave Mooney, who is infinitely patient with me and my knitting addiction, and who did quite a bit of work on the original file of knitting stores to get it into HTML format. Yay him.
  • Leslie Harpold, who donated the Web space at fearless.net for the site for more than a year. Leslie is terrific.
  • Golan Klinger and vex.net, for getting the new Wool Works domain in place quickly, and making the move from Fearless as smooth as possible.
  • Clara Kim, Stephanie Engle, Lela Conrad, Catherine Wingate, Katrina Hodgson, Debra Hughes, Kim Salazar, Gail Thompson, Ross B., and Linda, for helping me move all the links from one interface to another.
  • William Denton, for helping me get the search engine set up.
  • Bev White, for the site's old graphics and the inspiration for the new ones.
  • Esther Bozak, who maintains the calendar of knitting events.
  • Marie-Christine Mahe, who wrote the excellent account of her class with Lily Chin, and who for a time along with Esther Bozak and Glenna Stansifer maintained the calendar of knitting events.
  • Susan Bleimehl, for her informative post about her class with Alice Starmore.
  • Liz Clouthier, who wrote the review of various pieces of knitting software.
  • Catherine Wingate, who wrote the sock heel summary.
  • Phyllis Rostykus (aka Liralen Li), spinner extraordinaire, who came up with the amazing pattern for the Klein bottle hat.
  • Kathreen Kruse, for her extensive list of spinning suppliers.
  • Lynn Ruggles, for her list of books that mention knitting, and her list of resources for entrelac knitting.
  • Julie Ourom, for updating the list of books that mention knitting.
  • Glenna Stansifer, for her collection of knitlist posts about socks.
  • Holly Doyne, for her reviews of various sock yarns and for her fabulous, meticulous listings of stores in Europe.
  • Everyone who contributed to Martha's original FAQs.
  • Wendy Chatley Green, for compiling the fiber FAQ.
  • Julia G., for taking over the maintenance of the Books page.
  • Caroline McMillan, for the information about knitting for dolls, and the compilation of posts about dyeing fibers.
  • Joan Hamer, for the collection of charities that accept knitted items.
  • Amanda Wilson, who made some useful suggestions about the new design for the site.
  • Everyone whose patterns appear on the Patterns page.
  • Everyone whose hints appear on the Hints page.

Emily Way (emily@woolworks.org)

Last updated March 8, 2001