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Hints and tips
General and specialized suggestions culled from posts to the big knitting listserv, including Sally Melville's thoughts on color.

Making socks
Information about sock yarns, sources for sock patterns, sock heel techniques, and a collection of posts to the knitting list about socks.

Knitting for dolls
Caroline McMillan's collection of book and catalog titles and helpful ideas for those who make clothes for dolls. (Contains a bit of sewing information, as well as the knitting info.)

Links to descriptions of and resources for specialized knitting techniques such as double knitting and entrelac. Includes pointers to entrelac patterns.

Describes various kinds of fibers that can be made into yarns. Written by Wendy Chatley Green.

Links to Chris Jordan's spinning wheel FAQ and Kathreen Kruse's list of spinning suppliers.

A compilation of knitlist posts about dyeing yarn and fleece with Easter egg dye, Kool Aid, or CIBA dyes.

A few people's descriptions of their classes with various well-known knitwear designers. I hope for it eventually to contain descriptions of the work of many different knitting designers, and possibly even pictures of some of their finished products.

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Last updated October 15, 1998